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The Value of LOPA (and other quantitative methods) versus HAZOP (and other qualitative methods)

I like LOPA as well as the next person; I'm one of the two co-originators as you likely know.  But all of the quantitative methods use "statistical" values (but not as statistical as most think) that have in fact been "voted" upon by "experts", so you can either let LOPA or QRA analyst use factors [...]

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Benefits of Safety Instrumented System (SIS) Standards

The main benefit to a business (set aside any "government regulator" issues for now, since that should not be very important) in implementing SIS standards is the consistency in understanding the safeguard level for an instrumented safety system. But, there are disadvantages to following "only" IEC 61508/61511. One disadvantage is that the PFDavg calculated for [...]

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