Consulting/Contract Services

Following classroom training, your staff may need coaching (hands-on training) to help complete the training that has begun. And, PII can provide contract (consulting) services to support or augment your staff if they are over-loaded or if you need or want an independent review of your processes or management systems.

PHAPII has a large network of engineers and scientist with expertise in doing PHAs of existing processes and new processes (projects), developing and implementing PSM programs, leading investigations and root cause analyses, assessing PSM and reliability systems, writing operating and maintenance procedures, and implementing equipment reliability systems (mechanical integrity systems). If you need assistance from PII in any of these areas, please contact us so that we can help you determine an optimal approach for this assistance. Typically, if we are asked to lead an effort (such as lead a PHA or lead an effort to develop PSM measurements), we include site personnel in all aspects of such an effort so that they can learn more quickly how to do the same.

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