Mechanical Integrity (MI) includes inspection, testing, and preventive maintenance of equipment. A good MI (Equipment Reliability) program helps to ensure equipment is designed, fabricated, installed, operated and maintained in such a fashion that it will perform as expected to maintain a safe, environmentally sound and reliable setting. PII will help you evaluate your existing practices versus recognized codes and standards and then show you how to efficiently improve or develop and implement your MI program. We will also show you how to merge your MI program with a reliability program.


PII has a network of six of the world experts on system reliability. They have authored many of the definitive papers, courses, and textbooks on the topic. One or more of them can help you apply risk-based thought processes to determine which reliability task is best and how often the task should be performed to achieve the system reliability you require. They can either guide you or else work hand-in-hand with your staff to develop and initially implement effective protocols to reduce failures of equipment and processes.

PII also offers courses related to MI and Equipment Reliability (see courses 5 and 6 under “Training” or click on the links below):

In addition, feel free to download papers written by PII staff related to all of the Process Safety Management elements under “Free Resources” (or click on the link below):