Course 18: Reliability Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence (1-Day)

Ron will review models for achieving reliability and manufacturing excellence that are patterned after some of the world’s best companies. The very best plants are able to accomplish this through the application of a reliability strategy, which supports lean manufacturing, supply chain principles, and excellence in operations and maintenance, and assures them of being the low cost producer. This strategy ensures optimal production capability at a minimum sustainable cost. Costs are avoided by eliminating the “defects” which cause the costs being incurred in the first place, optimizing the work that adds value.

This course is only offered as a private offering at a client’s site. Please contact PII for details about having our training provided at your site.

Reliability Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence Course 18 | Process Improvement Institute

Recommended prerequisites: None.

Typical Course Candidates

  • Vice Presidents & Managers – Production, Maintenance and Executive
  • Engineers – Reliability, Process, Safety
  • Support Staff
  • Anyone who leads or influences the direction and success of manufacturing plants

What You Will Learn

  • Manufacturing Excellence and Reliability Principles
  • Best practices in design, operation, maintenance practices – strengths and weakness of various approaches; and their role in manufacturing excellence
  • Issues that are contributing to the losses from ideal, and more importantly, how to address the issues limiting your business performance through application of reliability principles, and without any capital investment
  • How your practices compare to the best practices and benchmarks
  • How to lead your company to business excellence, and manage day to day efforts
  • Develop your improvement plan

Take Home:

  • Comprehensive course notebook containing
    • Training material on all the tools included in the course
    • Take home appendices and workshops
  • Certificate of Completion
  • 0.7 CEUs & 0.7 COCs

Course Outline (1-day, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.)

Overview of Reliability Leadership for Manufacturing Excellence:

  • Introduction
  • Manufacturing Business Excellence Overview – Low Cost Producer Profile
  • Asset Utilization/Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Loss Accounting
  • Safety and Reliability – Mutually Dependent
  • Benchmarks
  • Aligning the Marketing and Manufacturing Strategies

The Reliability Process: Design, Buy, Store, Install, Operate, and Maintain for Reliability

  • Designing for lowest life cycle cost vs. lowest installed cost
  • Buying for supplier reliability and total cost of ownership
  • Stores as a value adding asset and support function for reliability
  • Installing/starting up with precision; avoiding infant mortality failures
  • Operating with care, precision, consistency, and conformance

Maintaining with care and precision, and imputing reliability into the plant:

  • Preventive, Predictive, and Proactive Methods

Reliability Related Methods and Tools:

  • Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)
  • Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
  • Case Studies – Combining RCM and TPM Principles – Business Level FMEA Leadership and Organizational Issues/Strategies

Strategy for Implementation

  • Leadership Principles
  • Alignment and Teamwork
  • Change Management

Success Stories


Potential Class Workshops:

  • Self-Assessments in: 1) Management support and plant culture; 2) Reliability-based design practices; 3) Reliability-based operating procedures; 4) PM maintenance practices; 5) Materials management practices; 6) Aligning the Marketing and Manufacturing Strategies
  • Action Planning – Defining the Top 3 actions you’re personally going to take; Integrate these into an overall strategy
  • Other Available Options: Leadership and strategy development – manufacturing improvement plan, Process consistency/conformance exercise(s) – startup/shutdown & normal operation; Pump operating practices; Shift handover practices; Operator Care/PM practices; PM optimization exercises; Stores management practices; Development of capital projects and asset management strategy

Ron MooreRon Moore is the primary instructor of this course and the writer of the related textbook. In addition to 30 articles, Ron has written the books What Tool? When? Selecting the Right Manufacturing Improvement Tools and Making Common Sense Common Practice: Models for Manufacturing Excellence. His insights are based on working with hundreds of manufacturing plants helping them to achieve manufacturing excellence. Ron served for five years as President of Computational Systems, Inc (CSI), the leading supplier of industrial instruments and software for equipment condition monitoring technologies. During his five-year tenure, the company grew at 30% per year, while concurrently maintaining healthy profits and cash position, and a strong balance sheet. He holds a BSME, MSME, MBA, PE, and CMRP.

Feel free to contact Ron Moore at 1.865.675.7647 or by email at