Identify SIF and Specify Necessary SIL, and other IPLs, as part of PHA/HAZOP (PDF; 1.5 MB) NEW-2016

Necessity of PHA of Non-Normal Modes of Operation (PDF; 1.2 MB) NEW-2016

Best Practices for Writing Operating Procedures and Trouble-Shooting Guides (PDF; 1.3 MB) NEW-2016

Implementation of Process Hazard Analysis as SSTPC (PDF; 691 KB)

More Issues with LOPA – From the Originators (PDF; 826 KB)

Lesson from Applying LOPA throughout the Process LifeCycle (PDF; 840 KB)

Process Safety Culture – Making This Real (PDF; 482 KB)

Process Safety Competency (PDF; 1 MB)

Impact of Human Error on LOPA (PDF; 1.9 MB)

Proven Approach to Investigating Near Misses (PDF; 939 KB)

Get Near Misses Reported (PDF; 437 KB)

Accounting for Human Error Probability in SIL Verification Calculations (PDF; 465 KB)

Human Factors and their Optimization (PDF; 797 KB)

PHA of non-Continuous Operating Modes (PDF; 816 KB)

LOPA and Human Reliability – Human Errors and Human IPLs (Updated) (PDF; 943 KB)

Human Factors Missing from PSM (PDF; 816 KB)

LOPA and Human Factors 1 (PDF; 280 KB)

Optimizing PHAs/HAZOPs while Maximizing Brainstorming (PDF; 190 KB)

Controlling Risk During Major Capital Projects (PDF; 443 KB)

Issues with LOPA – Perspectives from one of the Originators of LOPA (PDF; 246 KB)

Writing Effective Operating Procedures (PDF; 3 MB)

Addressing Human Factors During PHAs (PDF; 125 KB)

The Cost & Benefits of Process Safety Management (PDF; 400 KB)

LOPA Articles (PDF; 690KB)

Exxon’s Worldwide Incident Investigation Training (PDF; 172 KB)

Selection of Hazard Evaluation Techniques (PDF; 265 KB)

Risk Tutorial – Playing the Killer Slot Machine (Adobe PDF; 133KB)