Course 15: Safety Task Action Reporting (STAR) (1-day worker course)

In this course, workers learn why and how to perform observations and coaching of their peers in the workplace. The method, called Safety Task Observation Reporting (STAR), attacks bad habits directly, which are the most stubborn forms of human error causes to eliminate.

This course is only offered as a private offering at a client’s site. Please contact PII for details about having our training provided at your site.

Safety Task Action Reporting (STAR) Course 15 | Process Improvement Institute

STAR is based on the principle of reinforcing good behavior frequently and positively, while at the same time encouraging changes to poor habits in a coaching setting by peers (reducing the negative aspect of correction of bad habits). This method has a 70% success rate in reducing errors caused by bad habits.

Recommended prerequisites: None

Who should attend?

  • This course is for anyone involved in operations, maintenance, lab, utilities, and other support areas to a process, with direct hands-on responsibilities.
  • In addition, full-time safety practitioners, safety committee members, safety coordinators, safety specialists, human resources, safety managers, loss control managers, and operations managers can benefit from this course

There a maximum of 15 students per 1 day session.

Take Home:

  • Comprehensive course notebook containing STAR forms and workshops
  • Certificate of Completion; 0.7 CEUs & 0.7 COCs

1 Day (unless coupled with JSA and Human Error Prevention, as recommended)

  • Overview of Human Error and Human Error Causes
  • How and Why we form Bad Habits and system for changing habits (THO analysis)
  • STAR Method:
    • Developing inventory of undesired habits (behaviors)
    • Technique for observation
    • Closing the distance (coaching) to reinforce good habits & change poor habits
    • Documentation and score keeping
    • Example management system
  • Workshops: Many hands-on workshops and exercises in developing and performing and managing STAR (throughout the course)

NOTE: This course is BEST offered in a 3-day setting that combines Course 13: JSA and Course 14: Human Error Prevention to give the workers several tools they can use immediately to prevent human error at their worksites.

Bill BridgesBill Bridges is a primary instructor for this course. He has helped many companies implement systems such as STAR. To find out more about this course or to check into having this course taught at your site, contact Mr. Bridges at 1.865.675.3458 or by e-mail at

Revonda TewRevonda Tew is a primary instructor for this course. She has many years of PSM implementation experience, is a co-developer of this course, and has helped implement STAR at plant sites. Feel free to contact Mrs. Tew at