Hello virtual conference-goers! Process Improvement Institute would like to celebrate the occasion of the 2021 AIChE Virtual Spring Meeting & 17th Global Conference on Process Safety by inviting you to enter our short 5-question contest for a chance to win one of the following great prizes!

1st Prize: Complimentary participation in PII’s 5-day PHA/HAZOP Leadership course (or other public course of the winner’s choosing)

2nd Prize: Complimentary participation in one of PII’s 2-day public courses

3rd Prize: $500 Amazon gift card

4th Prize: $250 Amazon gift card

5th-10th Prizes: $50 Amazon gift card (each)

Simply fill out your first and last name, company name, and email address below, select answers for each of the five multiple questions, and submit the following form by the end of the conference on 4/23/21 (11:59 PM CDT). The rules are simple: You can only enter the contest once – duplicate entries will be removed – and qualified contest entries are limited to conference registrants, excluding Process Improvement Institute employees, its contractors, partners, and competitors.

For those of you who don’t already know the answers to these questions, they can be found within Process Improvement Institute presentation materials connected to PII presentations and poster sessions at the conference – which are also available for free access and download from the Free Resources section of the Process Improvement Institute website. If you’re not sure about a particular answer and are in a hurry, just guess – it’s multiple choice!

Since we fully expect that there will be more than 10 entries that correctly answer all 5 questions and are submitted by qualified contestants – hey, you’re a smart group! – winners will be determined by drawing from a pool of qualified entries who have correctly answered all 5 questions.

We will announce the winners of the contest on our website and social media pages shortly after the conference has completed and the winners have been notified and accepted their prizes. Good luck and enjoy the conference! Be sure to come by not only our presentations and poster sessions, but also our two social hour networking sessions and our virtual booth to discuss your process safety issues with us!


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    Question 1: In analyzing what is the real risk reduction for three sensors using the mid-value for control and 2oo3 voting for safety, and subsequently estimating the relative risk of sensors shared, which of these statements are true?

    Question 2: Layer of protection analysis (LOPA) has been in general use for _______ years, dating from the publishing of an important textbook on the subject.

    Question 3: If I declare that - for 2oo3 sensor voting - that the Probability of Failure on Demand (PFD) is 5.62E-4, is this a reasonable value for the sensor part of an SIF? True or False.

    Question 4: When do most major process safety accidents occur? _______ occur during startup, shutdown, and online maintenance.

    Question 5: Of the 47 largest process safety accidents between 1987 and 2010, which operating mode contained the largest number of occurrences?


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