Private training is a very popular option among our clients. In fact, we teach many more of our customized, private courses than public courses. A private course offers many advantages:

  1. Savings
    If you need to train more than 6 of your staff, then the overall training cost is substantially lower for a private course, especially when the travel cost of students is taken into account (private courses are priced per day instead of per student, with recommended maximums per class). The course can be tailored to your schedule, provided at one or more of your locations, and combined with other topics. Multiple course discounts are also available.
  3. Larger Class Size
    For company-specific courses, it is usually easier to communicate the course subject to a larger group of people at the same time. Managers and others can observe (attend) key instructional portions of a course without hindering the learning process of the students. Many companies see this bonus training as a pivotal factor in choosing a private offering of a course.
  5. Custom Training Plan
    We will customize the training plan for a private course to meet your staff’s needs. Typical customizations include:
    • Adding materials specific to your companies internal programs, including adding sections that you want someone in your company to present
    • Adjusting the overall course length and relative emphasis on each topic to meet your specific needs
    • Skipping sections in our standard course that you do not feel are relevant

    Because of our wide selection of pre-planned options for each standard course, there is usually no extra charge for customization. Highly customized or completely new courses can also be developed for a negotiable fee. To get a better idea of the type of customized, private training PII provides, visit our Customized Course Options page.

  6. Specific Workshops
    The most common customization option in private courses is to use your processes and procedures in the workshops, examples, and exercises. To accomplish this usually takes a few extra weeks of planning and coordination, but usually is no extra cost. In several cases, we have worked with a client for a few months to develop a company-specific exercise (such as a large case study for incident investigation training); but most clients find our generic examples, exercises, and case studies to be fine for their training needs.
  8. Confidentiality
    Since the attendees in your private course will only be from your company, they can freely discuss your company’s unique problems. This can result in a great deal more interaction of issues important to your company, compared to attending a public course offering. (The PII instructor will sign an appropriate secrecy agreement if necessary.)
  10. Follow-on Hands-on Training
    Another good reason to have private training is to keep our instructor around for a few more days or a couple of more weeks to coach your students through their first implementation in “real time” of what they have learned. We all know that classroom training has limitations; the on-the-job that our instructors can provide overcomes these limitations. And with proper coordination, the coaching phase of the training can be combined within the same roundtrip, thereby saving you additional travel expenses.

Types of Private Courses

Onsite Training: If you want a course customized for your needs or if you have a number of individuals who need the same training, let us provide a course for you at your site. This option focuses all the discussion and example problems specifically on the issues faced by a specific facility, maximizing the benefits to your workers.

Regional Training: If you have a number of facilities in one region of the country and want to save on travel costs, let us provide a course for you at a central location. You get all of the advantages of a private course (material customized to your company) and substantial cost savings through reduced travel costs and lower course costs.

Helping you Decide if Private Courses are Right for Your Specific Need

Are you undecided? Just give us a call at 1.865.675.3458 and we will discuss all the options for meeting your training needs. The meter is not running, so feel free to call. You can also e-mail Mr. Bridges at to have him review your needs.

PII provided more than 50 private courses to more than a 20 organizations during the past year. Private courses are contracted by trade associations, corporations, and individual facilities. Industry sources suggest checking references before selecting a training provider. We suggest that you check at least 3 references. PII can provide a substantial list of confidential references for specific course topics, upon request. Call us at 1.865.675.3458 for more information.

The best way to decide if PII’s training is the best option for your company is for you to send one or more “scouts” to a course open to the public (such as those offered in Knoxville, TN, USA or in Dubai, UAE, or elsewhere). This is a very low risk option since you can then apply one registration fee towards the purchase of a private course of the same type and duration, when it is later offered specifically for your company.

PII has provided customized, private courses for…

AMCDE (Saudi Arabia)
American Electric Power (AEP), USA
Apollo Group
BAPCO (Bahrain)
China Light & Power, Hong Kong
Cook Composites and Polymers
Dixie Chemicals
Egypt Basic Industry Corporation (EBIC)
Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC)
Equate (Kuwait)
General Electric
GTI, Tampico, Mexico
Gulf Petrochemical and Chemical Association (GPCA)
HADEED (Saudi Arabia)
IPSL (Trinidad)
Irving Oil
J. Ray McDermott, Dubai, UAE
Johnson & Johnson
Kennecott – Rio Tinto
LANL (US DOE site)
Marafiq (Saudi Arabia)
MOL Pakistan
NOVA Chemical
NEXEN (Yemen)
NGC – Trinidad
Parker, USA
PETRORABIGH (Saudi Arabia)
Phoenix Park Liquefied Gas Ltd, Trinidad
Pictsweet, USA
SABIC (nearly all affiliates; Saudi Arabia)
SAHARA (Saudi Arabia)
SIPCHEM (Saudi Arabia)
Shaw Group
State Lands Commission – California
Sun Chemical
Superior Wells Services
Swiss Re, Zurich, Switzerland
Titan (Malaysia)
TORAY Plastics
US Department of Energy (DOE)
Voescht-Alpine (Austria)
Washington Savannah River Comp (US DOE Site)

… and many other organizations