It’s Wednesday, March 27th at the 2024 Spring Meeting and 20th Global Congress on Process Safety! In this morning’s Session 160 – Effective Process Safety Management Programs, Process Improvement Institute’s CEO William Bridges is presenting an important paper on Process Safety Management (PSM) titled PSM Issues from Non-Operational Departments from 8:45 AM to 9:15 AM CDT in Rooms 217-218 (New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center).

This paper explains the role that non-operational departments such has Purchasing, Project management, Human resources, Shipping/Receiving, Accounting, and Others have in process safety. The paper presents many examples where these non-operational departments have impacted process safety and provides examples of how to integrate these departments into the goals of process safety. #processsafety #processsafetymanagement #PSM #GCPS #AIChE