Greetings virtual conference-goers! Please note that Process Improvement Institute ( ) has two presentations on Tuesday, August 18th:

Proyecto de formación de Lã Deres de PHA Internos: Pablo Gonzalez (Pan-American Energy) & Matias Massello (PII); 1:30 PM CDT (Spanish Session; Sesión de español)

Lessons Learned from Scenarios Found During PHA of Startup, Shutdown, and Online Maintenance Procedures: Steve Bridges (PII); 3:20 PM CDT

We invite you to view these two presentations, as well as the upcoming presentations on August 19th and August 20th!

And remember to visit Process Improvement Institute’s virtual booth at the conference and enter the drawing for a FREE (yes, FREE!!) online PII process safety training course of your choosing!

Once the show is over, we invite you to visit the Free Resources section of Process Improvement Institute’s website to download important process safety documents presented right here at the online conference, along with many others!