Management of Change (MOC) and Pre-startup Safety Review (PSSR) Management of Change is the element for which all other “foundation” elements of Process Safety Management (PSM) are implemented. It is the PSM element that controls introduction of new risk. Recognizing change, analyzing the risk of each change, and handling small changes efficiently are just some of the barriers that managers face with MOC implementation.

Pre-startup safety reviews help to ensure design specifications, procedures (including safety, operating, maintenance, and emergency), Process Hazard Analyses (PHAs), and employee training are all considered before implementing a change to your process that could impact process safety information. A PSSR is sometimes combined with MOC and Mechanical Integrity systems. moc

PII staff understand the proven strategies for implementing a workable MOC system and can customize approaches to fit your company’s culture. We can also show you how to implement physical and instrumentation changes through the proper use of PSSR systems (sometimes called operational readiness reviews).

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