Process Improvement Institute, Inc. (PII) has 15 experts on staff (each with over 25 years of industry experience; including 10 to 35 years of process safety experience) who teach PSM, PHA Leadership, MOC, LOPA, Procedure Writing, and other specific courses on process safety, as well as Human Factors. You can attend publicly available courses or have a course brought onsite. We teach about 1400 attendees each year. The calendar of upcoming courses is available at:

And there are dozens of FREE papers on process safety topics at:

We recommend first attending Course 2: Process Safety Management. It goes well beyond the 14 elements of OSHA PSM and covers all of the missing elements as well. A good second course to take is Course 10: Human Error Prevention, since process safety is all about controlling human error and compensating for human error.

Our instructors constantly IMPLEMENT process safety at client sites and all have had to make process safety work at chemical plants we worked at long before teaching and implementing process safety as consultants. So, what you learn from PII is all practical. Most of the other courses out there are academic, theoretical, or regulation focused; instead you need to know what it takes to prevent accidents.