In light of the current challenges facing business travel and traditional public seminars, Process Improvement Institute has moved all of its currently scheduled public seminars online for the remainder of 2020. Although we will miss the opportunity of being able to address all of our students in-person, we are excited by the opportunity to still participate together in valuable training that will insure everyone’s safety while still achieving our students’ process safety training goals. And since our employees are located around the world, we’re used to working remotely from our end, which has helped us understand how to use those work practices to help in this training transition. Here’s more of what to expect from online training:

  • We have made all our Public training courses available via video-conferencing, with the same dates as previously listed
  • For classes requiring breakout groups of 5 or so students, the students are grouped in Virtual Breakout Rooms where they can discuss and practice separately from the rest of the online students
  • Workshops have been modified to suit the “Virtual Breakout Rooms”
  • Made all necessary information (course manual and handouts) available electronically
  • Established a Q&A protocol to solve all the student’s questions during or after the course
  • Optimal business-grade internet installation at our staff’s home-offices to facilitate a quality distance-learning experience

We are committed to offering online training options moving forward under any scenario. However, be assured that when guidance allows, we will reinstate public courses at their normal venues around the world.

For a list of the currently scheduled online courses, please review the Process Improvement Institute Course Calendars page.

For more information on other ways that Process Improvement Institute is evolving its process safety consulting and training processes to reflect this new business environment challenged by the COVID-19 Coronavirus, review the document How Process Improvement Institute is Adapting to the COVID-19 Pandemic.