The 2019 AIChE Spring Meeting and 15th Global Congress on Process Safety (March 31-April 4) in New Orleans is almost here, and we wanted to remind you of what’s happening with Process Improvement Institute during the conference!

First of all, don’t forget that we are giving out free drink coupons in our booth #1001 for the cocktail hour taking place on April 2nd! And free drinks in New Orleans are no small feat!

On a more serious note, if you haven’t signed up for our two short courses taking place on March 31st, there’s still time to take advantage of two great values for increasing your process safety knowledge! Course S5: Layer of Protection Analysis (LOPA) – Updated is being led by PII President William Bridges. (Bill was one of the inventors of LOPA!). Click here to see more info about this great course! And Course S6: PHA/HAZOP of Procedures is being led by PII’s Greg Smith. Greg has two decades of process engineering experience, and is currently leading PHAs and PHA Revalidations and he is also teaching PHA Leadership courses and other topics for PII. Click here to see more info about Greg’s course!

During the conference itself, PII experts will be leading or participating in the following presentations:

Everything You Need to Know about Human Reliability for Process Safety (Session #104: Human Reliability and Performance I)

PHA Best Practices: Updating PHA Standards From What You Thought Were Best Practices to What Actually is Best Practices (Session #49: Spanish Session: Avances y perspectivas de la seguridad de proceso en Iberoamérica: Análisis de riesgo y toma de decisiones – Mejores prácticas de PHA: Actualización de los estándares de PHA de lo que se creían que eran mejores prácticas a lo que realmente son)

Best Practices for Addressing Human Factors During PHAs/HAZOPs (Session #68: Integration of Human Factors into Risk Assessment I)

Main Deficiencies in the PHAs in Argentina (Session #49: Spanish Session: Avances y perspectivas de la seguridad de proceso en Iberoamérica: Análisis de riesgo y toma de decisiones – Principales deficiencias en los PHAs en Argentina (y la región) y cómo abordarlas)

SIL 3, SIL 2, and Unicorns / There is a 99% Chance Your SIL 2 and SIL 3 Have No Better Performance than SIL 1 (Session #106: Instrumented Protective Systems)

Remember to download the AIChEvents App for this week’s event to help navigate all the activities, and be sure to check out PII’s exhibitor section that includes some helpful downloads for your process safety arsenal! Click here to go to the AIChEvents App page and download the app!

We hope you have a great experience at this year’s Spring Meeting and GCPS conference, and remember to come by the Process Improvement Institute booth (#1001) for your free drink coupons, and to chat with us on process safety!