It’s Tuesday, March 26th at the 2024 Spring Meeting and 20th Global Congress on Process Safety! In this morning’s Session 65 – Improvement of PHA Leadership and Study Outcomes, Process Improvement Institute’s CEO William Bridges is presenting an important paper on Process Hazard Analysis (PHA) titled Optimizing PHAs While Maximizing Brainstorming (to ensure scenarios are not missed) from 6:30 AM to 7:00 AM CDT in Rooms 220-221 (New Orleans Ernest N. Morial Convention Center).

This paper discusses the lessons gleaned from more than 8000 qualitative hazard evaluations completed by the authors and compatriots over the past 40-years. The learnings were from project risk reviews, management of change (MOC) risk reviews, full unit process hazard analyses (PHAs), and PHA revalidations. (All of these evaluations fall within the qualitative category of CCPS’s “Hazard Identifications and Risk Assessments [HIRAs],” required in the Risk-Based Process Safety [RBPS] guide [CCPS, 2007].) The experience covers all chemical and related industry. The paper shares secrets that will speed up your hazard evaluations while not sacrificing thoroughness; maximizing brainstorming is the Key to finding accident scenarios. Issues covered include: Should you project your notes during the meetings? Should you use dedicated software? Should you have a dedicated scribe? Should you define the methods and make sections/nodes ahead of the meetings? What methods should you choose? What documentation rules speed up the meeting? What facilitation rules speed up the meetings without crimping brainstorming? What mistakes kill brainstorming and also slow the meetings? Data based on thousands of PHAs is presented, along with a condensed set of optimization rules. #processsafety #processsafetymanagement #PHA #GCPS #AIChE