For your immediate review, please download the latest free resource paper from PII, titled Building Competency in Internal PHA /HAZOP Leaders – Lessons Learned in 40 years of Doing So, written by William G. Bridges, PII President & Instructor, and being presented at the 14th Global Congress on Process Safety in Orlando, Florida.

From the Abstract:

Process safety is a deep topic and requires the involvement of nearly ALL staff at a site. But, how do you make sure your staff are up to the task? And how do you judge the competency of subcontractors or third party experts? This paper describes the basics of building competencies in one of the process safety activities that requires expert levels of competency: PHA/HAZOP LEADERSHIP. The paper shows how many companies, beginning with Olin Chemicals and others in the 1970s through hundreds of companies today have planned for the progression to full competency of PHA/HAZOP Leaders and Scribes. The paper describes step by step what is required for each level of competency. One focus of the paper is that competency cannot be measured by exams and case studies (at least not completely); competency must instead be judged through hands-on observation, by those who are already expert in PHA Leadership.

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