The Process Improvement Institute 2020 Calendar of Training Courses is Open for Registration!

We've posted our 2020 calendar of process safety training courses for all world locations, both domestic and international, and these valuable courses are ready for you to join and elevate your expertise! We have training locations in Charlotte, North Carolina, Knoxville, Tennessee, and Napa, California in the United States, and Dubai and Bahrain in the [...]

New Papers in Free Resources on Identifying SIF-SIL as part of PHA/HAZOP, PHA of Non-Normal Operation Modes, and Writing Operating Procedures and Troubleshooting Guides

Just posted in the Free Resources section of the Process Improvement Institute website are three new and invaluable papers related to issues important to process safety management professionals everywhere: Identify SIF and Specify Necessary SIL, and other IPLs, as part of PHA/HAZOP Learn why it is not necessary to “Boldly Go Beyond HAZOP and LOPA.” [...]

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Accounting for Human Error Probability in SIL Verification

One critical defect in the SIL standards (and technical reports from ANSI/ISA 84 committees) to remember is they do NOT account for specific human errors of mis-calibration (especially critical for SIFs with multiple sensor) and or leaving in bypass. So, the PFD to use for the IPL is the PFD(avg) from the SIL verification calc [...]

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Determining SIF and SIL during PHA/HAZOP

Our data differs. We have performed more than 11,000 unit-sized PHA/HAZOPs over the past 24 years; 1,000 of these have been new designs (projects, as you have focused on); the rest have been re-do of existing plant PHAs (because the project PHA/HAZOPs were so deficient). If you have a good engineering team then the team [...]

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