This week’s Free Resource of the Week is a paper that focuses on “Real Process Safety Culture” at organizations. Process Safety Culture (PSC) has received considerable attention recently. Many implementers see this as an intangible attribute of a company or site. Some workers see PSC as “code words” for management not wanting to take responsibility for process safety management. Others see PSC as something that can be affected directly by the actions of management or by an active program targeted directly at the site culture.

This paper – recently presented at the 18th Global Congress on Process Safety – shows what affects the true “culture” at a site and it shows that tangible, real, activities within a site are what make safety culture a reality. The paper also reviews the approaches to direct and indirect measurement of process safety culture, and the value of these. Select the following link to download the complete paper: Process Safety Culture – GCPS – FINAL-R.pdf

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