Summertime is here, which offers up the opportunity to continue your process safety training in July and August with five important online course offerings from Process Improvement Institute!

PHA/HAZOP Leadership (7/25-7/29)

The risk review techniques most popular for initial PHAs of entire units or of large projects, MOC reviews, and PHA revalidations are hazard and operability (HAZOP) analysis and what-if/checklist. Both of these techniques facilitate systematic, imaginative searches for process hazards and potential operational difficulties. In this course, you will also learn how to use the failure mode and effects analysis (FMEA) method and you will learn how to use checklists of hazards to supplement your brainstorming analyses. You will learn the best situations and circumstances to use each technique. You will lead and participate in several analyses to familiarize yourself with each technique.

Writing Effective Operating and Maintenance Procedures (8/1-8/2)

This course teaches how to write effective step-by-step operating procedures and how to develop troubleshooting guides from PHA documentation. This is very much a “How To” course, designed to teach skills. The first day of the course is for both operations and maintenance personnel; the second day is mainly for operators (since they typically must write more in-depth troubleshooting guides).

Mechanical Integrity (8/3-8/4)

This course prepares you to evaluate your existing practices versus recognized codes and standards and then to efficiently improve or develop and implement your mechanical integrity (MI) program. Topics also include how to merge your MI program with a reliability program.

Human Error Prevention (8/8-8/9)

This course will provide insights into current knowledge of human error and how it can be reduced. The course will provide hands-on experience of practical error reduction techniques, using real-life case studies. You will also gain an understanding of the underlying causes of human error and how to reduce its occurrence by changing the culture of the organization and changing the design of the processes. Workshops are used throughout the course to illustrate concepts and to demonstrate human error analysis applications.

Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis Leadership (8/10-8/12)

This course teaches how to lead investigations and root cause analyses using various techniques such as Causal Factor Charting, Fault Tree Analysis and Root Cause Charts. This is a “How To” course designed to teach skills. An optional part of the course can include 1 to 2 hours of software instruction.

Thank you for considering these summer online courses! And remember, we have more online courses to come in the fall and and through the end of 2022 for you to take part in and enhance your process safety expertise! Take a look at our complete calendar for 2022!