OK, summer doesn’t OFFICIALLY begin until June 21st, but we all know the Memorial Day weekend is the REAL beginning of summer! And there’s no better time to sign up for summertime process safety training courses from Process Improvement Institute, the risk and reliability specialists!

Here’s the summer schedule by month, location, and course offering:


Charlotte, North Carolina

18-19 Course 10: Human Error Prevention
20-22 Course 4: Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis Leadership


Charlotte, North Carolina

16-18 Course 2: Process Safety Management (PSM)
19-20 Course 9: PHA Revalidation


Knoxville, Tennessee

6-7 Course 6: Mechanical Integrity

Charlotte, North Carolina

27-31 Course 8: PHA/HAZOP Leadership

And while you’re waiting for the course dates to arrive, download some invaluable and FREE resource papers that apply to each subject area:

Human Error Prevention

Why Are the New People Making the Same Mistakes That the Old-Timers Made 25 Years Ago? Managing Organizational Change

Incident Investigation/Root Cause Analysis

Process Safety Competency

Process Safety Management

Understanding the Interrelationships Between the PSM Elements For Effective Implementation

Four Major Gaps that Are Preventing Most Companies Worldwide From Achieving Excellent Process Safety Performance

PHA Revalidation

Best Practices for PHA Revalidations

PHA/HAZOP Leadership

The Uses and Users of PHA/HAZOP Results

Building Competency in Internal PHA/HAZOP Leaders – Lessons Learned in 40 Years of Doing So

The Art of PHA Scribing: The Invisible Role

And while you’re in the Free Resources section, please feel free to download other papers that match your interests! It’s a service we’re proud to offer for your benefit! And don’t wait – sign up today for these important process safety training courses! We’ll see you this summer!