Course 9: Updating and Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses (PHA)

This course prepares you to execute a PHA revalidation that complies with PSM regulations and industry standards. PHAs usually must be updated and revalidated every 5 years. Several factors determine the extent of the revalidation analysis, including the quality of your previous PHAs and its documentation, process and facility changes, incidents during the past 5 years, and new interpretations of codes and standards. In some cases a complete “redo” may be required if the previous PHA quality and documentation did not meet your standards or regulatory requirements.

$1,100.00 USD (per student) Online

$1,100.00 USD (per student) in USA

This course can also be taught (either as-is or customized) at your site. Please contact PII for details about having our training provided at your site.

Updating and Revalidating Process Hazard Analyses (2-Day) Course 9 (1-Day) | Process Improvement Institute